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Pre-Employement Health Checkup Start Recruiting the Fit Resources by the affordable pre employement health packages of Mediwheel

Pre-Employement Health Checkup

Health and Wellness of employee plays an important role in his/her deliverables of work & responsibility, This is the reason in modern day's scenario, pre employement health checkup is one of the must To Do Things for employers.

Pre employment health check up is an important part in every organisation and also beneficial for the organisation. This confirms the health status and well-being of every new employee hired by the company. Today, many companies have made is mandatory to get their employees health check up as a part of their recruitment, and an annual thing.

Pre employment medical tests include basic investigation into candidate's health to determine its fitness and health.

What are the benefits of Pre employment health check-up?

  • Helps in maintaining safety at work place, by ensuring that the candidate is fit and for the job profile and also free from medical conditions that could effect other people working around him adversely.
  • Pre employment health check up helps maintain a compilation of records of the employees for future.
  • Pre employment medical health check up help increase productivity and efficiency of employees at work place. If the candidate employed is health and does not have any medical condition, his efficiency at work will be better.
  • Many companies provide full or part coverage for their employee’s medical expenses. Its better to asses an employee’s health before hiring, so that there is no long-term illness which might require frequent hospitalisation and result in absenteeism. This will add cost to the employer.

Under section 80 D, from 2012 onwards, Government of India has announced a tax benefit of Rs. 5000/- u/s for preventive health check-ups.

Pre employment health check ups are preventive and precautionary measures towards every employee hired.

What does a pre-employment health check-up include?

Pre employment health check up package includes basic screening tests with gives a comprehensive analysis of the candidate’s health and medical well-being. Usually, the pre employment medical exam package includes the following, but it varies for all companies.

  • Complete medical and physical examination.
  • Laboratory tests and results which include-
    1. Blood sugar tests.
    2. Blood count
    3. Urine routine and microscopy.
    4. Blood group and Rh factor.
  • Chest X-Ray
  • Lipid profile
  • Kidney and liver functions.
  • ECG
  • Others-
    1. HIV
    2. HBsAg (Hepatitis)
  • Dental
  • ENT

Pre employment health check is every company’s responsibility, hence Mediwheel, has designed special packages for the same. These packages can also be customised as per requirements.

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© 2018-2024, Arcofemi Healthcare Limited.