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Introducing Mediwheel

A Complete Cashless OPD Platform

That ‘health is wealth’ may be a very old adage, but it is one that has assumed newfound relevance today, following the trying years of the pandemic we’ve all recently lived through. The stresses of modern life often lead one to put their own well-being on the backburner. In particular, when working in the corporate sector, with its fast pace and pressing demands.

It’s this very lifestyle that health-tech start-up Mediwheel aims to change — thereby putting one’s mental and physical well-being at the forefront of their personal and professional lives.

10,000+ Service Partner
1M Lives Touched
95%+ Pincodes and Population Covered
1 Mn Health Profiles
50+ Corporates 20+ Fortune 500 Companies
10,00,000 + Lives Covered
100+ Inhouse Doctors

Mediwheel is a healthcare company focused on revolutionising and democratising health care in India by making world-class health care and health data analytics available to every Indian.

MediWheel is focused on making Employee Wellness a core culture of the corporate sector by providing wellness services to Large & MSME Corporates and retail customers alike. The services entail pre-employment health check-ups, annual health check-ups, tele-medicine helplines, on-site doctors and medical rooms, specialist appointments and access to an e-pharmacy.

What makes MediWheel unique in its proposition is the offer of a full life cycle of medical transaction for each employee of each corporate.

HIPPA Compliant and ISO 27001 Certified
Company Motto: “Healthy Bharat in a Digital India” is a Motto of our Company.
Founders Quote: “It is a pivotal time for the health-tech industry in India and globally, and we are driven by our goal to better as many lives as we can. We want to elevate an individual’s life with easy access and advanced tools for every Indian ,”

© 2018-2024, Arcofemi Healthcare Limited.

© 2018-2024, Arcofemi Healthcare Limited.